How to Enroll in Shortlister's

Top Vendor Program



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About the Program

Shortlister has many featured snippets on Google listing Top Vendors in a wide range of product/service categories.  Based on how Google views Shortlister’s authority, Google search prominently serves up Shortlister's website as a top result when an active employer buyer searches for the “top” or “best” vendors in a specific product category - resulting in hundreds of thousands of impressions for vendors featured on these lists.

Shortlister vendors can apply to be included on our Top Vendor lists.  A wide range of criteria are evaluated when determining which organizations to include.  That criteria includes, but is not limited to: how long the organization has been in business, number of clients, number of lives covered, Shortlister system data (win/loss ratio, RFP inclusions, etc.) and customer feedback (ratings/reviews). 

Shortlister invests a substantial amount of time & energy to compile these lists and evaluate vendors that have applied, so a $50 fee per quarter is charged when a vendor is selected for a Top Vendor list.  Note: This is not a $50 application fee because you may not be selected unless you meet the criteria, in which case no fee would apply.  


How to Enroll

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You are eligible as a Top Vendor for each product category that is included in your Matching Survey.

Here are the steps to enroll in Shortlister's Top Vendor program: 

1. Log in to your Shortlister account

2. Navigate to the Marketing section

3. Add a credit card to your account, if you haven't yet

You must have a credit card on your account to indicate which Top Vendor lists you'd like to be eligible for.

4. Click the check-box in the Eligible column for all desired Products

You can apply for as many “Top Vendor” lists as you’d like, but will only be charged the $50 fee per quarter for each list you are approved for.  For        example, if you apply for 6 lists and are approved for 5, your credit card will be billed $250 (5x$50) for that quarter.

5. Click the blue Save button


Don't forget to make your elections by the deadline! 


Have you been awarded Top Vendor status?  Learn how to promote it for additional exposure.

Not a Shortlister vendor?  Click here to contact us.